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Protecting Family BookArm Yourself Before You Talk to the Insurance Salesman

Insurance companies do not encourage you to buy the most important insurance protection in Florida. Find out why in our Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Family From Irresponsible Drivers. We don’t sell insurance so we can tell it straight.

Our Free Book Reveals:

  • How your own health insurance company can get paid before you do (even if it leaves you penniless);
  • How you can be covered for full damages even if the other person has no insurance;
  • Why it is so important that you read and understand your own insurance policy;
  • What you must ask your agent to fully protect your family

We like responsible drivers and want you and your family to be fully protected in the event of an accident. Our free book is full of valuable information and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed. Yes! Send Me A Copy of Your Free Book.

Nursing Home Injury

  • Watch List: The Florida Nursing Home Watch List is published by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and a copy of the guide and the quarterly watch list are available by calling 888-4193456 or at the AHCA web site where the Guide to Florida Nursing Homes in Florida may also be accessed.

Child Injuries

  • Dealing with a crying baby can be very hard, and parents often don’t realize just how frustrating it is until they are in a stressful situation. No one thinks they will shake their infant, but research shows crying as the number one trigger leading caregivers to violently shake and injure babies.
  • Get the help you need to be a better parent.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is a serious brain injury which occurs when a frustrated caregiver shakes a child, usually to stop them from crying. It is considered a serious form of child abuse.SBA draws its strength from its volunteers working toward serving the needs of victims and families and infusing public awareness into the fabric of our society!


  • Clearwater | St. Petersburg Car Accident Lawyer Auto Accident Law Firm: Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer | St. Petersburg – Learn “The Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case” – James W. Dodson can assist you in recovering compensation for your car accident injuries, lost wages, pain, suffering, disability & other damages. Car accident injuries can include spine injuries, whiplash, broken bones, concussions, and even more serious injuries involving traumatic brain injury, amputation or even wrongful death.Law Office of James W. Dodson, P. A.
    1259 Myrtle Avenue South
    Clearwater, FL 33756
    (727) 446-0840
  • Miami Personal Injury Lawyer | Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer: The Law Firm of J.P. Gonzalez-Sirgo, P.A. Helps Insurance Policyholders Recover What They Are Due On Their Insurance Claims, Zealously Advocates On Behalf of Victims of Catastrophic Personal Injuries or Wrongful Death and Fights for the Rights of Consumers and Small Businesses in Miami and Throughout South Florida.
  • Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer | St. Lucie Personal Injury Attorney: If your injuries were caused by negligence in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle crash, bicycle collision or other catastrophic event, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To receive the maximum amount of compensation available, you need to be represented by an experienced South Florida accident attorney who will give you the attention you deserve. Fetterman & Associates has been helping victims pursue justice for their serious injuries for more than thirty years. Fetterman & Associates – The Law Team not only handles motor vehicle accidents, large truck accidents, serious accidents and catastrophic injuries, our Palm Beach attorneys also represent nursing home abuse and wrongful death in the counties of Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Martin.
  • Tampa Social Security Disability Appeals, St. Petersburg, Florida, SSD Benefits and Denied Claims: In addition to the physical and emotional conditions that make it impossible for you to work, dealing the the Social Security Disability Application process can be time-consuming, frustrating and complex.A Social Security Disability applicant must file an initial claims application which is normally denied by the Social Security Administation. A disability claims appeal, called a Request for Reconsideration, must be filed within 90 days of the initial denial or the claim will be barred. The Request for Reconsideration is also usually denied and a Reuqest for a Hearing must be filed. Failing to timely file a disability claims appeal can be fatal to your claim. Statistics show that Social Security applicants with an experienced lawyer have a better chance of success and at Cavey and Barrett who help you through all phases of the Social Security Disabiltiy Claims process.Cavey & Barrett
    821 16th Street North
    St. Petersburg, FL 33734-7539
    (727) 894-3188
  • Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability: If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or are seeking to make a claim for Social Security disability, we recommend you contact Johnson & Gilbert, workers’ compensation and Social Security disability lawyers.


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