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Free Florida Child Injury Guide

Secrets of a Florida Child Injury Lawyer

ZQ_five_deadly_lgYou have questions. We have answers. Does my child have a good case? Does my child even need a lawyer? If so, how do I know which lawyer is right for this case? How do I make sense of meaningless lawyer advertising when it all says the same thing?

We answer these questions and more in Secrets of a Florida Child Injury Lawyer: An Insider’s Guide to Winning Your Child’s Injury Case

Our FREE book reveals the hidden world of Florida child injury lawsuits and exposes the tough realities facing injured children and parents in today’s legal system. From unfavourable laws to cut-throat insurance investigators, a child injury lawsuit is frought with minefields you must avoid to achieve justice for your injured child.

Our book reveals:

  • When you do and when you DO NOT need a lawyer for your injured child
  • How to protect your child from insurance companies and investigators who are out to destroy your child’s legal claim
  • Common mistakes that can hurt your child’s case
  • Why the deck is stacked against children injured or killed by doctors
  • How quickly you need to file a claim or lawsuit for your injured child
  • What an experienced child injury lawyer will do for you
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