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Nursing Home Abuse

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nursing_home abuseIf you trusted a Florida nursing home to care for your loved one during a time of need and that person was injured or killed as a result of negligence, it is confusing and often maddening how such a vulnerable person can be mistreated so badly. Though you relied on a nursing home to do the right thing by providing proper care for your loved one, many Florida nursing homes in Daytona Beach, Deltona and Deland and other cities fail to provide adequate care. Zimmet & Zimmet share An Important Tip for Choosing a Nursing Home for your Loved One.

Nursing homes’ corporate headquarters often save money by understaffing nursing homes and not providing adequate supplies, but without adequate staff and supplies, care is poor. This often leads to bed sores, decuibtis ulcers, falls causing broken hips, and a decline in health or even death from malnutrition, dehydration or infection.

Unfortunately, injuries can occur in many ways when relying on a nursing home or assisted living facility to care for an elderly or disabled relative, trusting a nursing home to ensure that your loved one is turned and repositioned properly to avoid bed sore or requiring nursing home help when a loved one is at risk for falling.

Our elderly have legal rights. If you must suddenly confront the reality that your loved one has been harmed at a nursing home, assisted living facility or adult family care home, you should know you have help. You might not need a lawyer, but you do need to get all the facts. Before you make a decision, be sure to read our free book: The Five Things Nursing Homes Do To Cause Needless Suffering: Proven Ways to Protect Your Loved One

After that, if you want to move forward, Zimmet & Zimmet is there to answer your questions in a free consultation, with no obligations. Get the valuable information you need.

Nursing Home Malpractice

Florida has gained an international reputation as a popular retirement destination. As of 2007,statistics showed that the Sunshine State had more than 600 registered nursing homes, serving almost 70,000 elderly and disabled residents. Unfortunately, this crush of numbers means many homes are overpopulated and understaffed. At times, the nurses and CNAs that are employed at nursing homes and assisted living facilities haven’t been properly trained or are unable to keep up with the workload imposed on them. It’s a situation that can translate to unsafe living conditions for patients.

It’s important to know that you have rights and, if you need to be protected, you should be protected by the law firm that is right for your case.

Common incidents in nursing malpractice include:

In 2007, a study by an independent agency found that 97 percent of the nursing homes in Florida showed some deficiencies in the care they provided. While some of the issues were insignificant, others were more severe.

Common problems sited in FL nursing homes:

  • Accident-prone environment
  • Improper food sanitation
  • Inadequate quality of care
  • Insufficient professional standards
  • No comprehensive care plan
  • Unsatisfactory housekeeping
  • Disregard of incontinence
  • Neglect leading to pressure sores (bed sores)
  • Proscribing unnecessary drugs
  • Deficient infection control

While far less common, physical, sexual and/or mental abuses do occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and are extremely serious offenses that require immediate action.

If you’re considering entering a loved one into a Florida nursing home, be sure to consider the Medicare checklist for proper care and consult the state’s assisted living facility watch list.

If you already know or suspect that you or someone else is a victim of nursing malpractice, consult our free book to get the facts you need to proceed. Contact us to discuss your case. Your questions answered, your options explained.

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