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Medical Malpractice Limits

Medical Malpractice Limits

Zimmet & Zimmet Law Firm, released an article discussing “Medical Malpractice Limits”, if you would like to know more Please continue watching here.

No Person Eligible To Sue

People find this hard to believe, but it’s true. Doctors have special protections about who can sue them in the case of a death. If a doctor’s carelessness causes a death, then there are circumstances where there is no one eligible to sue them because no one meets the definition of a “survivor” of that dead person under the Medical Malpractice Act.

So believe it or not, if you are over 25 and you are an independent person and your single parent dies from a doctor’s obvious medical negligence, you have no claim. Because you are an independent person over 25 you are not characterized as a survivor.

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