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‘Know the Label’ Campaign Helps Doctors and Patients | Daytona Beach Negligence Lawyer

‘Know the Label’ Campaign Helps Doctors and Patients

To increase patient and drug safety, a new online service has been launched to allow doctors to check the latest FDA- approved labeling for the most commonly prescribed drugs.

The online service is at the center of a new national campaign “Know the Label,” sponsored by the PDR Network, The Doctors Company and other professional liability carriers. Physicians can earn free continuing medical education credits – or CMEs – by reading or reviewing the full FDA-approved labeling for the drugs. The new service is being delivered through the web sites of the PDR Network and others, as well as through electronic health records systems.

“Keeping current on FDA-approved drug labeling enhances patient safety and reduces professional liability risk,” said Dr. David Troxel, medical director for The Doctors Company, the country’s largest professional liability carrier, in a press release. “Busy physicians
can find themselves unaware of all information in the drug labels or of changes to the labels for the medications they prescribe. The ‘Know the Label’ campaign and the CME credits we are providing with PDR Network to all U.S. physicians, at no charge, is a key part of our
effort to motivate physicians to review the labels on a regular basis and stay abreast of the details for the drugs they prescribe.”

National statistics confirm that nearly 30 percent of medical malpractice suits involve pharmaceuticals, and the FDA-approved labeling is often the standard to which physicians are held in these suits.

The “Know the Label” campaign is being launched in concert with the FDA’s efforts to provide up-to-date and complete prescribing information to physicians.

“We know that physicians and other prescribers are increasingly busy and can struggle to find time to stay current with all the changes in pharmaceutical labeling,” said Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA. “We congratulate
The Doctors Company and PDR Network for finding a practical and novel way for physicians to access the full updated labeling through electronic means and have it available at the point of prescribing. This effort dovetails nicely with our Safe Use Initiative and our intent to reduce preventable harm from pharmaceutical products.”

Physicians are required to obtain continuing medical education credits to maintain their state licensure to practice medicine. Many states require patient safety focused CME and often physicians must pay to take CME-accredited courses.

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