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Hospital Negligence | Orange City Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical Malpractice by Negligent Hospitals

We all know that medical doctors and staff can be negligent, for example in the case of surgeons amputating the wrong leg. However, the hospital where such a negligent surgery occurred can also contribute to the negligence and be sued along with the individuals.

In the case of a wrong site surgery such as the amputation, hospital employees are required to perform safety protocols designed to reduce the likelihood of a wrong site surgery. Hospital standards require procedures for identifying the patient, the surgery site and performing a time-out before beginning to double check their work.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) is a major generator of such standards, which are published in a manual for hospitals to use. If a hospital employee could have made certain that the surgeon followed the JCAHO procedure for wrong site surgeries, then the employee’s failure to do so is negligent.

Standards and protocols exist for many different medical situations. Another scenario involves the hospitals handling of critical test results. If a CT scan shows a life-threatening condition, that information should be handled in a way that ensures speedy and safe delivery of the information. If a hospital follows the JCAHO standards for handling such information, the hospital is unlikely to be negligent with regard to any injury that may occur.
Hospitals are required to follow strict protocol when determining the doctors and surgeons to whom the hospitals grant staff privileges. If the hospital knew of a reason why a doctor should not have been allowed to practice medicine, then the hospital is negligent in allowing the doctor to practice there.
These examples represent a small sample of the many ways hospitals instead of doctors or other health care professionals can act negligently in medical malpractice events.

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