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Gallbladder Surgery Negligence | Deltona Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors Claim Gallbladder Surgery Mistake Result of “Optical Illusion”

In laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, the injury from mistakenly cutting the common bile duct can have permanent and even life threatening consequences. Unfortunately, mistakenly cutting or transecting the common bile duct has been one of the more common medical malpractice lawsuit topics since the introduction of laparoscopic technique.

Because of this injury’s prevalence and the resulting surgical malpractice lawsuits, doctors have attempted to explain this injury in ways that absolve them of liability. What many of them claim is that mistaking one piece of your anatomy for another is a “recognized complication” and some doctors claim that complication is due to an “optical illusion” that causes surgeons to misidentify one part of your anatomy for another.

However, surgeons who use proper gallbladder surgery technique do not experience this “optical illusion” which means that the illusion, if it exists, is caused by improper technique and surgical choices and can be avoided. The problem with laparoscopic surgery is that a surgeon’s sight is limited. When this surgery was introduced, mistaken bile duct transections increased significantly.

Only after proper technique and safeguards were introduced and surgeons spent time training in them did the mistakes decrease. Unfortunately, the mistakes did not disappear. Some surgeons do not take the time to learn them or train on them. To this day, overconfidence and being in a hurry are common causes for mistaken bile duct transections.

What happens during laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is that when anatomy becomes difficult to identify, surgeons fail to convert to an open technique instead of laparoscopic technique to improve their view of the anatomy. Other steps can be taken to avoid mistakes as well and are outlined in this medical malpractice lawyer article.

The top surgeons in this country have never made the mistake of mistakenly cutting the bile duct in a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery because they use proper technique. If the mistake was caused by an optical illusion, don’t you think some of our top surgeons would have experienced this optical illusion?

That they have not means that steps can and should be taken to avoid this mistake.

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