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Femoral Nerve Damaged by Anesthesia | Deltona Medical Malpractice Lawyer

ACL Surgery Injures Femoral Nerve

An 18-year-old man suffered unnecessary nerve damage from misplaced anesthetic during ACL surgery which forced him to undergo another surgery to repair the damage. Medical experts opined in this case that femoral nerve damage is a recognized complication of the nerve block anesthesia used in the surgery, but that certain steps can and should be taken to prevent it.

The surgery replaced the man’s damaged anterior cruciate ligament with one of the man’s hamstring ligaments. When the patient did not recover properly from the surgery with physical therapy, doctors discovered femoral nerve damage.

In addition to surgical repair of the nerve damage, the man required therapy under anesthesia to address his leg’s decreased range of motion.

The needle used to deliver the anesthetic damaged the femoral nerve when it came into contact with the nerve. Medical experts opined that several methods exist to prevent the needle from touching and damaging the nerve.

One method is to use ultrasound to visualize how close the needle is to the nerve. Another is to keep the patient alert enough to notify doctors of sensations that indicate the needle is at risk for damaging the nerve.

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