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Facial Burn During Surgery | Orange City Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Facial Burn During Biopsy Was Negligent

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A middle aged man whose face was burned during a minor surgery to biopsy a growth near his forehead was the victim of negligence.

The patient had previously recovered from the removal of a cancer of his hair follicles near his forhead. However, when he experienced a new growth, his doctors performed a biopsy to determine if this new growth was cancerous.

The surgeon cut into the man’s scalp near his forehead to remove part of the growth and then cauterized the incision. However, during the cauterization, a loud “pop” was heard which resulted in flames.

The patient suffered first and second degree burns to his scalp and face including his eyes, nose, mouth and right eyebrow. The burn pattern on his face and the medical records indicate the man was wearing an oxygen mask.

Surgeons and anesthesiologists must work together to ensure that cauterization taking place near oxygen rich sources never result in oxygen ignition and burns to the patient. Medical experts in this case opined that this outcome was a result of medical negligence.

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