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Doctor’s Mistake Leads to Severe Stroke | Daytona Malpractice Lawyer

Doctor Office Employee’s Medical Advice Leads To Severe Stroke

No one knows more about your overall medical condition and medical history than you and your spouse. If a doctor’s order does not feel right to you, speak up and question it to protect yourself. Doctors are only human and can make errors. This example illustrates how a doctor’s oversight combined with poor follow-up to cause tragedy.

A 72-year-old man underwent surgery to replace his pacemaker. He had been taking the prescription blood thinner Coumadin for many years before the surgery. However, a doctor’s mistake caused the patient’s discharge orders to omit a prescription for Coumadin or any other blood thinning medicine.

The orders listed all the medication the patient was taking before surgery except for Coumadin. The man’s wife thought this suspicious and called the cardiothoracic surgeon’s office who performed the surgery to inquire. However, an office employee said that the man should follow the orders and if Coumadin was not ordered then he should not take it.

Do not take medical advice from anyone other than your trusted health care providers. Staff and employees are not qualified to give medical advice. Insist on speaking to your doctor and plead your case. Mistakes happen frequently in the medical profession due to the complexity of the work, often overworked, tired doctors and sometimes just sloppy practitioners.

Without the blood thinning medicine he needed, our story ends tragically with the man suffering a severe left sided stroke only four days after surgery. The man’s cardiologist was incensed that the cardiothoracic surgeon’s team failed to put the man back on Coumadin or some other blood thinner. Now, one of the man’s limited options is legal action.

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