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Do Not Let Nurses Give You An Overdose | Daytona Beach Malpractice Lawyer

Do Not Let Nurses Give You an Overdose

A local television affiliate has recorded that a jury awarded 19.2 million dollars in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital in Lee County Florida. Apparently the hospital was guilty of a major medication error, giving a 3 ½ year old girl a major overdose of nutrients. In fact, the mistake was 100 times the prescribed dose. The overdose had drastic consequences for the little girl.

This case points out the importance of patients and their families participating in their care. Nurses and doctors make mistakes. The problem with some of those mistakes is that you can die or be so severely injured that you will need intense medical care for the remainder of your life.

So, it certainly does not hurt and could save your life if you ask the doctor to tell you the dose of any medication being prescribed. Then you can check to make sure the nurse does not administer a different dose. It is just a matter of asking both the doctor and the nurses.

Another area where doctors sometimes make medications mistakes is in failing to adequately monitor the patient once the prescribed medication has been taken. All medications have a risk of side effects and it is critical the doctor do the appropriate monitoring for each medication. Some medications such as Coumadin require frequent blood tests to make sure that the medication level is not becoming dangerous.

We strongly recommend that you ask your doctor to explain how he or she will monitor your progress on any medication and then follow up to make sure that the monitoring actually happens.

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