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Why Do Speeding Cars Cause So Much Damage in a Deltona Car crash? | Orange City Accident Lawyer

Why Do Speeding Cars Cause So Much Damage in a Deltona Car crash?

Everyone has been there. You’re running late for work, and there are just a few other cars on the road.. The speed limit is 35, but you easily could go a lot faster. Why not go for it? Would anyone really get injured?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes as speeding is the leading cause of vehicle crashes nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Victims of Deltona high-speed accidents are more likely to suffer severe, even fatal injuries.

How does speeding increase the chances of a fatal car accident in Deltona?

  • Takes longer to stop. The time it takes to stop and brake is directly related to the car’s speed. While you can’t get around basic physics, the speed limits posted take those stopping distances into account. Lower speeds in heavily populated areas can drastically decrease the injury rates in Deltona car accidents, but only if drivers obey the signs.
  • The curve will throw you. Anyone who has ever taken a curve too fast knows how much speeding can impact a lazy street. While the turn may seem small, higher speed causes a car to be thrown sideways, which may result in a rollover.
  • Prolonged reaction time. At higher speeds, a driver will travel a greater distance while reacting to any danger, such as a stopped car, a red light, or wildlife crossing the road.
  • Greater momentum. Speeding vehicles are especially dangerous as they are more likely to cause accidents and cause more damage from the force of the impact. The car may only be able to stop when it collides with another object.
  • Faulty steering. Most vehicles are built to perform best at speeds under 100 mph. When they go faster, cars react differently to controls: the steering wheel shakes, and the slightest touch to the wheel can immediately change the course.
  • Objects in the road. A car going even five miles over the speed limit will have difficulty evading obstructions in the road, including pedestrians. Speed limits are slower in construction zones for this reason.

As experienced Deltona car accident attorneys, we know the damage high-speed car wrecks can cause. Don’t let a reckless driver back on the road!

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