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Personal Injury from Dog Bites is On the Rise | Orange City Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury from Dog Bites is On the Rise

It seems as though you can’t read the news today without hearing about another dog bite or attack. Adults and children are both at risk, and these bites can cause severe injuries and even death in some cases. Bites aren’t the only issue though. In the case of a larger dog, jumping up onto people can cause injuries as well. A big dog jumping onto a child or even an adult can knock the person over and cause more injuries. Some dogs may very well attack on purpose, while others bite because they are frightened. No matter whether the attack was intentional or a case of an over exuberant animal, it is the responsibility of the owner to control his or her dog.

Injuries resulting from an incident with a dog can be very expensive, and they can cause emotional trauma just as easily as they can cause physical injuries. The cost of medical bills, the pain and suffering, and the fact that you might be out of work for a few days, or much longer, means that someone needs to be held responsible. In this case, the owners are the ones who are at fault.

All breeds of dog can bite. While the larger dogs, such as the Pit Bulls and the Chows have a bad reputation, they aren’t the only dogs that bite and attack people. Even smaller dogs can leave a nasty bite that’s can require expensive medical treatment and plenty of time to heal. It doesn’t matter the size of the animal or the breed when you are filing a personal injury case. The only thing that matters is the damage that it’s done to you.

If a dog has injured you, then you are going to want to contact a personal injury attorney as quickly as you can after the incident. Make sure that the attorney you choose has experience when it comes to handling these types of cases, and be sure that you choose someone who has experience handling your type of case. While you might not have to go to trial, and you may be able to settle out of court, it is a better idea to have an experienced attorney that will know what he or she is doing in case it does go to trial. Dog attacks can be brutal, and the owners who are ultimately responsible have to be held responsible.

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