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Extreme Engine Room Heat Causes Stroke | Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Case Study: Engine Room Heat Causes Severe Stroke

In this case, a healthy man in his mid 40s was working in the merchant marine when he suffered a severe stroke caused by some extreme heat in the ship’s engine room.

While international standards call for no labor environment to exceed 114 degrees F, this engine room was heated to 122 degrees.

The defense expert testified that no evidence exists that extreme heat can cause stroke and that it was just a coincidence in this case that the man suffered his stroke while in the super-heated engine room.

However, the numbers tell a different story. The US Department of Human Services database of actual hospital admissions and diagnoses reports 33,000 cases of hospital admissions caused by extreme heat.

Of those 33,000 admissions, 233 were strokes that the attending physicians diagnosed as caused by extreme heat. In fact, 5 of those diagnoses mentioned an engine room, furnace room or other manmade source.

Cases such as this underscore the importance of looking past and investigating thoroughly a defendant’s expert opinion. It is not uncommon to find they are supported quite flimsily.

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