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You Must Actively Participate In Your Medical Treatment When Injured

Strangely, this advice is necessary. For several reasons, some people injured in car wrecks, by medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or slip and falls fail to follow their doctor’s orders and fail to maintain regular treatment as prescribed. Deland Wrongful Death Attorney

The importance of actively participating and attending your prescribed medical treatment sessions cannot be stressed enough. First of all, recovering as much of your health as possible requires you take advantage of all the treatment you can get. Secondly, if you are injured or hurt by another’s negligence yet fail to faithfully follow treatment, your opponent’s attorney will use that against you to claim you are not injured.

At trial, the defense attorney will blow up a calendar to illustrate to the jury that your treatment was sporadic and/or that you failed to attend many appointments. The defense attorney will insinuate that you are not really hurt because you would have received more treatment if you were. The defense attorney will insinuate that you are a freeloader trying to take advantage of the system.

Some jurors look for any reason at all to deny your claim. Do not hand deliver those reasons to them – especially at the cost of your own health. Get the treatment you need and follow through with it.

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