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What Parents Need To Know About Baby Bottles And BPA | Daytona Beach Child Injury Lawyer

What Parents Need To Know About Baby Bottles And BPA

Moms everywhere are talking about BPA.

Many food and liquid containers, including baby bottles, are made of polycarbonate, or have a lining that contains the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is used to harden plastics, keep bacteria from contaminating foods, and prevent cans from rusting.

There are concerns, though, over the possible harmful effects BPA may have on humans, particularly on infants and children. Animal studies have shown effects on the endocrine functions in animals related to BPA exposure. Additional studies will determine what level of BPA exposure might cause similar effects in humans.

As research continues, concerned parents can take the following precautionary measures by the American Academy of Pediatrics to reduce babies’ exposure to BPA:

  • Avoid clear plastic baby bottles or containers with the recycling number 7 and the letters “PC” imprinted on them. Many contain BPA.
  • Consider using certified or identified BPA-free plastic bottles.
  • Use bottles made of opaque plastic. These bottles (made of polyethylene or polypropylene) do not contain BPA. You can also look for the recycle symbols with the number 2 or 5 in them.
  • Glass bottles can be an alternative, but be aware of the risk of injury to you or your baby if the bottle is dropped or broken.

Because heat may cause the release of BPA from plastic, consider the following:

  • Do not boil polycarbonate bottles
  • Do not heat polycarbonate bottles in the microwave
  • Do not wash polycarbonate bottles in the dishwasher

For more on child safety issues, see the library of articles by Daytona Beach child injury lawyer.

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