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Florida’s Statute of Limitation for Child Sexual Abuse Claims

Florida’s Statute of Limitation for Sexual Abuse Claims Against Children Eliminated

Florida has one of the very best civil statutes of limitation regarding child abuse. Florida legislators have recognized that child abuse victims are not always able to remember or discuss their abuse because of the psychological trauma it inflicts.Child Sexual Abuse Claims.

Recent changes to Florida law allows victims of child sex abuse to sue their abusers without any time limit on when victims can file suit. Other states block this action if it occurs later than that state’s statute of limitation allows.

Statutes of limitation block criminal and civil action against a perpetrator if too much time has passed between the incident and the when a criminal or civil action is commenced.

Good reasons exist to keep statutes of limitation. For example, evidence can be lost, and witnesses’ memories fade. In those situations, justice is not served by trying a defendant in court.

However, when a victim’s memory of the incident does not surface until years later, it is wrong to let perpetrators avoid liability for their actions just because the victim was so traumatized that he or she could not remember the event.

Florida’s law allows anyone who was abused while under the age of 16 to file suit against their abuser at any time if that claim that would not have been barred by the existing statute of limitations as of July 1, 2010.

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