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What are the laws on passing or overtaking vehicles in Florida?

Stay Safe on Florida Roadways by knowing the law. Find out what laws apply to passing vehicles and their limitations .

Florida Law Allows Vehicles to be passed on Roadways, but are there limitations?

overtaking carsPassing other vehicles on Volusia and Flagler county roadways can be quite dangerous. It is allowed by law but there are some limitations that are important to know. Daytona Beach Automobile accident attorney Ron Zimmet Jr summarizes the law on passing other vehicles.

Some of the Florida Statutes that provide for passing include: 316.083, 316.084 and 316.085.

1. Florida Statute section 316.083 allows overtaking vehicles on the left provided that the overtaking vehicle properly uses a signal, that there is at least three feet between the passing vehicle and the auto or bicycle being passed and the overtaking vehicle does not exceed the speed limit. The vehicle being passed must give the right of way in favor of the overtaking vehicle and shall not increase speed until being completely overtaken.

2. Florida Statute section 316.084 discusses the limited circumstances when passing a vehicle on the right is allowed. Passing on the right is allowed when: the vehicle overtaken is making or about to make a left turn and there is unobstructed pavement with sufficient width for two or more lines of moving traffic. It is important to note the use of the term pavement because passing by driving off the pavement is not allowed and is punishable by law.

3. Florida Statute section 316.085 provides other limitations to passing vehicles on the left. There will be not passing on the left unless the left side is clearly visible and is free from oncoming traffic, that the passing vehicle will return to the proper lane as soon as practicable and in the event that the passing uses a lane authorized for oncoming traffic the passing vehicle must return to its lane before coming within 200 feet of any approaching vehicle.

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