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Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Accidents in Ormond Beach | Daytona Beach Car Accident Attorney

Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Accidents in Ormond Beach

When it comes to car accidents, many people think about roll-overs, head-on collisions and t-bone crashes. While these are certainly frightening, they’re actually less likely to occur than colliding with the cars traveling in the next lane, which can be just as dangerous.

What are some of the major causes of lane-change vehicle accidents in Ormond Beach?

  • Dangerous merging. A common cause of lane change collisions is also the easiest to prevent. Many drivers fail to check their mirrors and their blind spots, and they don’t look over their shoulders to make sure other cars are not approaching.
  • Slow lane-changing. An attempt at safe driving can have the opposite effect in this case. Drivers who take too long to change lanes are actually doubling their chances of being hit by other cars.
  • Misjudging vehicle size. Drivers should familiarize themselves with their own car and its size. On the road, drivers commonly misjudge distance and size when changing lanes. They assume their large vehicle can squeeze in a tight space between two cars and sideswipe another vehicle as a result.

As experienced Ormond Beach car accident attorneys, we know that a few preventative measures can go far in preventing collisions. You can decrease your risks on the road with these tips for safe lane-changing:

  • Don’t forget your turn signals. Failing to use the proper turn signals cause car accidents every day in Florida. These signals are important when making lane changes, but you can also signal your intentions by gesturing and making eye contact with other drivers. Use your signals and give other drivers plenty of notice.
  • One lane at a time. Don’t cross multiple lanes all at once. Only cross one lane at a time, making sure to check blind spots and mirrors before you merge.
  • Play it safe. If you need to exit on the highway, it’s better to merge behind others rather than to speed up in order to pass other cars. Even if other cars are going the same speed as you, let them ahead and merge behind.
  • Pass the intersection. Changing lanes at intersections is extremely dangerous and it’s also illegal. When approaching a traffic light, wait until you clear the intersection before changing lanes.

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