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Real Questions From An Injured Client, Part 2 | Daytona Beach Accident Attorney

Real Questions From An Injured Client, Part 2

This is the second installment in a series of articles from an actual clients experience that will hopefully help you:


“After the accident, I had no sense of time. I called my husband and I called my insurance company. Calling my insurance compnay was a mistake. What I told them over them over the phone, in a state of mental incoherence, implicated me as the at fault driver. I told them that I hit the truck and the driver was badly injured. Infact the driver was badly injured before I made impact, and I never did hit his truck but instead, I hit his “dock cart,” a metal trailer that carried fishing gear. It was days before I could clear up the misconception that I caused the accident.”

Zimmet & Zimmet:

Communicating with your insurance company is very important and should only be done in a clear state of mind and with full knowledge of the accident. Immediatly after the accident is not the best time to call your insurnce company. The first phone call should be to the police. Always call the police!! If the other driver wants to exchange insurance information and keep the police out of it, that is more of a reason to call the police. If you are able to talk to witnesses, you should. If you are able to take pictures, you should. You should take pictures of anything and everything you can think of including tire marks on the road and VIN numbers of vehicles involved in the crash. Talking to people who witnessed the accident will give you much more information than you have based on your personal experience. It can be very detrimental to your case if you say something that you belive to be accurate at the time but turns out to be incorrect because you dont have all the information. Similarly, if you try to speak to the insurance company in a dazed and cloudy state of mind, you may communicate something detrimental to your case unintentionally. Rememeber the insurance company is recording your calls, the only reason for them to record is to gather information that can be used against you later. One of the first questions the insurnace compnay reprensentative will ask is, “Are you injured?” Be carefull how you answer this question because you may not know if you are or not.

When in doubt err on the side of caution and consult with us prior to communicating with your insurance company so that you can have full knowledge of your legal rights.

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