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Is There A Case Settlement Calculator For Florida Auto Accidents?

Is There A Case Settlement Calculator For Florida Auto Accidents?

Beware of information on the internet claiming there is such a thing as a case settlement calculator. This creates the impression that it is possible to determine the value of a personal injury case simply by doing some mathematical calculations on the computer or a calculator. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Of course, there are many mathematical calculations that are important to take into account when determining the value of a particular case. However, there are aspects of a claim that simply are not capable of calculation by a computer.

The knowable mathematical calculations include such things as medical expenses which have been incurred for care resulting from the accident, lost wages, funeral expenses and expenses incurred in obtaining medical care such as travel expenses.

However, even some items which appear to be easily calculated, defy clear mathematics. For example, future medical expenses seem to be an item that could be easily calculated. However, future medical expenses are frequently debated as to what specific type of care and expense will be needed and whether a patient’s condition will improve to either reduce future medical expenses or make them unnecessary all together.

Further, compensation for pain and suffering is almost always the subject of disagreement between the plaintiff and the defense. Sometimes pain and suffering is the largest value of a case.

If you are being told by an internet article or somebody else that all you have to do is plug your case into a calculator to determine its settlement value, be skeptical. Mathematical calculations are a poor substitute for a lawyer’s many years of experience representing accident victims.

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