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How To Avoid Injury in Daytona Beach Crosswalk Accidents | Orange City Personal Injury Attorney

How To Avoid Injury in Daytona Beach Crosswalk Accidents

Did you know: Pedestrians are actually at greater risk for injury when they are in crosswalks than almost any other place.

So just being in the right place and having the legal right of way is not enough to ensure a person’s safety. So what should a walker to do to stay safe in Daytona Beach?

First, be aware that motorists can’t be relied on to always stop in time and act accordingly.

You should look carefully in all directions before entering the crosswalk, even if the traffic signal says you may walk. Look to the left, right, and back to the left again.

Start by placing one foot into the crosswalk and then extend your arm to indicate you are going to cross. Don’t move forward until you see all cars have come to a stop.

Keep watch as you cross and pay special attention to cars or vehicles turning. As you move past each stopped car, look into the next lane to make sure there are no moving cars approaching. Try to make eye contact with the drivers of approaching or stopped vehicles.

Six pedestrians are seriously injured in Florida every day and 10 pedestrians are killed each week. The majority of pedestrians are hit when crossing a street.

So keep in mind that although you have the right of way when passing through a Daytona Beach crosswalk, it is more important to be safe than to be right!

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