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Car accidents leading cause of death | Daytona accident lawyer

Florida’s most dangerous activity: car accidents

If you listen to the local television news it seems like people are being murdered on every corner or they are dying of the swine flu at an alarming rate. However there is something far more dangerous that you do all the time if you are a young person between the ages of four and 34.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the leading cause of death in the United States for this age group is motor vehicle traffic crashes. The most dangerous thing you can do in Florida is to get into a car. Of course, you increase the risk of death in a motor vehicle traffic accident if you text while driving, talk on a cell phone, drive while drunk, play a musical instrument while driving on the interstate or read the newspaper. You haven’t seen somebody playing a flute while driving? I have. You haven’t seen somebody reading a newspaper while driving on interstate? I have.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report provides statistics on the number of years of life you lose if you die in a car. If you die in a motor vehicle accident at age 30 and you are a woman you would have lost 51 ½ years of life. The statistic, of course, is just a number and says nothing about how much your family will grieve for you, how much your children will miss you and how different their lives will be without you.

So, don’t believe the sensationalism of the local television news and be more than careful when you drive. For much more information on safety tips for driving and the consequences of car accidents you can visit our car accident section of our website at

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