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5 Ways to Avoid a Work Zone Accident in Ormond Beach | Daytona Beach Personal Injury Attorney

5 Ways to Avoid a Work Zone Accident in Ormond Beach

It’s a gorgeous day, and you’re driving along an open path of highway in Ormond Beach. That’s when you see the signs: Caution: Road Work Ahead.

Many drivers are annoyed by construction on Florida’s highways and roads. We are used to getting to our destinations as quick as possible. But all too often this hectic pace can distract us from the possible risks of a work zone, resulting in accidents and even deaths.

Such work zone accidents in Florida are serious when you consider these facts:

  • Almost 700 people were killed in work zone accidents in 2009 and 30,000 more were injured.
  • Someone in America is killed in a work zone accident every seven hours.
  • Even though passing traffic is hazardous for construction workers, almost 85 percent of those killed in work zone accidents are vehicle drivers and passengers.

As experienced Ormond Beach car accident attorneys, we know it can be frustrating to drive in and around construction zones. Bored by the traffic delays, drivers often turn to their smart phones to talk, text or surf the web, leading to distracted driving collisions once traffic starts moving. In some cases, endless lines of traffic and constant delays can cause drivers to become agitated, leading to risky and dangerous actions.

Here are a few simple steps to keep you safe from a work zone accident in Ormond Beach:

  • Reduce your speed. Even if you don’t see construction workers in the road, slow your vehicle to the posted construction limit.
  • Stay focused. Drivers should be more attentive in a work zone. Avoid distractions such as smart phones or other electronic devices.
  • Watch your distance. Keeping your eyes peeled for workers in the road is important, but there are other dangers at the site to watch for. Stay clear of trucks, cranes and other mechanical equipment, too.
  • Watch for signs. Read posted signs as you approach a work zone, but watch for other signs that will alert you to danger: cars in the median, brake lights, even oncoming storm clouds.
  • Turn the radio off! Some of the most vital warnings are those you can’t see. By silencing the radio when you’re in the work zone, you can hear potential dangers like shouted warnings from flaggers, dump trucks backing up, and asphalt spills.

Florida lawmakers continue to work to make work zones safer, but accidents will continue to be a risk on Florida roads. By taking a few precautions, you can help reduce your risk of becoming another traffic accident statistic.

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