Who is Liable when Injured at a Store

Liability for injuries in a store

When there’s a slip-and-fall or a trip-and-fall in a large store like a supermarket or hardware store, employees of the business get as much information as possible to defend a possible claim. If you’re injured as a result of a fall in a commercial premises, you need to do whatever you can to preserve and protect your rights.


Security cameras

Many falls are actually captured on security cameras. You’ll want to retain the Daytona premises liability attorneys at Zimmet & Zimmet soon after your fall, so we might get a court order to preserve the footage of your fall. Security camera footage could be the best independent witness that you have to a fall. Always be aware of the fact that from the moment you enter a commercial premises, you’re probably on camera. A security camera can say a thousand words before, during and after a fall.

What happened? Are you hurt?family shopping at mall

The store’s management might want to ask you what caused your fall and whether you’re injured. Don’t say that you feel alright, and you’re just clumsy. Be careful about what you might say. You were likely looking a merchandise at or near eye level and never saw what you slipped or tripped on until you were laying on it or next to it. Don’t hesitate to ask that paramedics be called to the store. They’ll examine and treat you, and make a report. They can transport you to the nearest emergency room where another report will be made of your condition, examination results and treatment.

Don’t give any further statements

Only tell management at the scene your name and address, what you fell on, and what parts of your body hurt. An insurance adjuster is likely to contact you shortly after your fall, purportedly to see how you’re doing. Everything that you say will be taken down, and the adjuster might even want a recorded statement from you. Don’t give that statement. Once you give a statement, you’re giving up rights that you’re probably not going to get back. The insurer will only try to use that statement against you in the future. There’s no law saying that you’re required to help the store with its case, so don’t help it by giving a statement.

Protect and invoke your rights. If you’re injured in a fall in a retail store in or around Daytona, call Zimmet & Zimmet right away for a free consultation and case evaluation.