Punctured Bowel During Surgery To Tie my Tubes, Is Medical Malpractice the Case?

Was I the victim of medical malpractice when my doctor punctured bowel during surgery to tie my tubes? They didn’t figure out that was the problem for three day despite my abdominal pain and bloating. By the time they discovered the problem I had pneumonia, sepsis and severe peritonitis. They had to do another surgery to repair the hole in my intestine and also stick me with large needles to remove fluid from inside me.

A:The Punctured Bowel During Surgery or perforation in your bowel may or may not be the result of negligence. The answer most likely depends on the conditions the surgeon encountered in your abdomen. If you had scar tissue or other complicating factors from either endometriosis or adhesions, then the surgeon is less likely to have been negligent.

The delay in diagnosis is more likely to have been negligent. However, each case must be reviewed on an individual basis because each situation is unique. You mention that you had abdominal pain and bloating. While those symptoms are normal, three days without diagnosis of bowel perforation is likely too long.

With the very basic information given here, the delay in diagnosis seems to be the act most likely to be negligent.

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