What are Focal Deficits

What are focal deficits?

A: Focal deficits or focal signs are also referred to as focal CNS signs. Doctors look for these signs in neurological exams to determine which part of the brain or central nervous system is the root cause of the symptoms.

If focal signs are present, the symptoms are most likely caused by things like tumors or dying tissue than diseases like encephalitis or menengitis.

  • Frontal brain lobe issues are signaled my problems moving parts of the body
  • Parietal brain lobe problems are suspected when abnormalities are found sensing and feeling sensations from the skin or feeling the position of the limbs and pain
  • Temporal brain lobe issues are indicated by problems with hearing and memory
  • Occipital brain lobe problems are only indicated by problems with sight
  • Limbic System damage effects memory
  • Cerebellar problems are suspected when a patient has trouble with balance and coordination

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