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boating_accidentsA large amount of the boats in our waterways are operated and maintained by experienced captains and that are professionals. However, like on the roadways there are inexperienced, distracted and careless boat drivers. In fact, boating is rife with captains who drink alcohol while boating.

Statistics reveal that Florida has the highest amount of injuries and death caused by boating accidents.   These statistics are not surprising when you think about the amount of inexperienced captains on the waterways, the speed the boats travel, the lack of safety devices on the boats and the amount of alcohol involved.

There is no requirement in place for a boat driver over age 21 to have a license or be educated in any formal way contributes to accidents.

Boats often collide with each other and collide with docks. Captains who aren’t paying attention can also easily run aground at a high rate of speed causing passengers to be ejected.   There are horror stories about injuries that the propeller can cause to children that were not properly supervised.

The injuries one can sustain in a boat accident can be life changing and serious.

  1. Head trauma and brain injuries
  2. Spinal cord injuries
  3. Severe lacerations and bruising
  4. Drowning
  5. Broken and/or fractured bones
  6. Hypothermia
  7. Internal injuries

Some safety rules that can protect you are:

Educate yourself on maneuvering and understanding how to operate the watercraft that you plan to drive or own.

Don’t consume alcohol before or while driving a personal watercraft.

Be attentive to waterway signs and signals.

Wear a life jacket.

Stay the proper distance from other boats and swimmers.

If you or someone you know has been in a boat accident resulting from the negligence of anther, you have rights and may be compensated for your injuries, wage loss, medical expenses, emotional trauma, pain and suffering.

Boating accident cases can be complex. There is also the issue of the issue of what location of water the accident happened in and what laws and jurisdiction the case will fall under.

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