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Bike and Pedestrian Injuries

Daytona Accident & Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been a victim of an accident while biking or walking, contact the Daytona accident attorneys at Zimmet & Zimmet today.

bicylce_accidentsBicyclists and automobiles share the same roadways throughout Florida. The discrepancy between the speeds of cyclists and automobiles coupled together with the fact that there is not enough room on the road for both creates a dangerous environment.

Cyclists and pedestrians are completely exposed and therefore are in the much more vulnerable position. Motor Vehicle operators must take extra care when they are near cyclists and pedestrians.

Distracted driving, DUI and texting and driving are causing more and more catastrophic injuries to cyclists. If a driver becomes distracted, taking eyes off the road, it can only be seconds to veer into a bicyclist riding on the roadway.

Seek medical evaluation immediately after the accident. We have had many clients that did not believe their warranted medical treatment only to regret the decision to not seek medical treatment later.

Bicyclists and pedestrians can sustain some very serious injuries if hit by a truck or car. The most common types of injuries sustain include but are not limited to:
Traumatic brain injury
• Cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine injury
Spinal cord injuries
• Broken or fractured bones
• Concussion

Injuries as a result of a bicycle accident can change a person’s life causing financial loss, medical expenses and emotional trauma. It can be a tragic time for the victim and family. It is very important to contact an attorney. You would be very surprised where an attorney can find insurance coverage when you believe that none exists. The attorneys at Zimmet & Zimmet are experienced in handling your case and protecting your rights.

If you have been injured by a negligent driver while using a bike contact us today for a consultation and to discuss your options. Zimmet & Zimmet personal injury attorneys  in Daytona have extensive experience in handling bicycle accident cases, as well as pedestrian accident cases.

Call us today to talk about your options.

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