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Cone Biopsy Negligence & Infection | Daytona Beach Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Botched Cervix Biopsy Perforates Bowel Causing Peritonitis, Infection

In this case, a doctor’s mistake caused a woman’s own feces to spill out inside her causing severe peritonitis and infection.

The doctor performed a cone biopsy on a 65-year-old woman’s cervix to test for cancerous growth. However, the doctor was negligent in cutting so deep, so far and so wide that a large amount of unnecessary tissue was removed – so much so that the doctor cut a hole in the woman’s intestines.

This mistake allowed fecal matter to escape into the woman’s abdominal area and to contaminate her abdominal organs. That led to a massive infection and severe peritonitis as the bacteria in the feces was allowed out of the intestines.

The woman required surgery to repair the hole and treat the damage. After a lengthy recovery, her outcome was good, but she underwent an unnecessary surgery and weeks of unnecessary pain and discomfort all because the doctor made a quick cut that turned out to be a mistake.

Medical experts opined in this case that bowel perforations during cone biopsies are negligent, avoidable and thankfully rare.

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