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How to Handle Road Rage in Volusia County | Ormond Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Handle Road Rage in Volusia County

Being in a car accident can be bad enough, but it can just be the beginning of your worries if the other person involved is an aggressive driver.

If you’re not seriously injured in the accident, most people can adjust to the thought of their car being damaged and are ready to move on. But some who have experienced accidents in Volusia County have left their vehicles in an effort to get information form the other driver and instead are met with hostility, blame, personal and even physical attacks. As tempers flare and emotions get out of hand, physical violence can occur.

But there are signs of an aggressive driver that can be spotted before an accident ever takes place. These include:

  • Dangerous behavior: They change lanes at the last minute, don’t use proper signals, and cut across several lanes at once
  • Lack of patience: You will see them speeding, honking, or illegally going around cars they feel are moving too slowly
  • Aggressive acts: You will see them use gestures, lean far forward, yell and use wild arm movements
  • Delayed response: Braking late when traffic stops or failing to avoid debris in the street or highway.
  • Bad judgment: You will see them run traffic lights, alienate other drivers by putting them at risk, and merge too closely with other cars.

Studies have also shown that road rage accidents are more likely to happen in Volusia County during rush hour, after people have ended a stressful day at work. In fact, the highest number of road rage cases occur on Fridays, and drug use or drinking while driving will increase a driver’s aggressive tendencies.

To reduce the number of road rage cases in Florida, drivers are encouraged to check themselves when driving under stress. If you feel that your emotions are running high and this will affect your driving, you should do the following:

  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Pull off the road until you can control your temper
  • Go to a restaurant an remain until you regain your composure
  • If you are too upset to recover, call someone and ask them to pick you up

No matter who caused the accident, all drivers should remember that escalating the situation just makes things worse. Aggressive drivers who take justice into their own hands after an accident have committed a crime and you should not suffer for their destructive actions.

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