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5 Tips For The Right Bicycle Helmet Fit | Port Orange Injury Lawyer

5 Tips For The Right Bicycle Helmet Fit

Parents may spend lots of time finding just the right bicycle for their child, but finding the right-fitting helmet is even more important, according to AAA.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 85 percent of all head or brain injuries could be avoided if cyclists wore bicycle helmets correctly.

When shopping for bicycle helmets, follow these guidelines from the Brain Injury Association:

Five Basic Steps to Proper Helmet Fit

1. Measure your head just above the eyebrows (or as the manufacturer suggests) to be sure you purchase the proper size. Place the helmet on your head and move it around.

2. Adjust the fit with the removable pads. You may need a combination of thin and thick pads to get the best fit. Rock the helmet gently from side to side, then from front to back. It should not move around.

3. Adjust the straps – front, rear and chin – to make the helmet level and snug. The front and back straps should make a “V” that comes together just under the ear. Buckle the strap.

4. Test the fit. There should be little movement when the head is shaken. The strap should feel tight but should not cause discomfort. You should be able to slide a finger under the helmet.

5. Fine tune the fit. Go back to steps 1 through 4 if necessary to get the best fit possible. Practice buckling and unbuckling the straps.

Once your child is accustomed to wearing the helmet, remember these tips:

  • Double check the fit of the helmet every time you ride.
  • Adjustments will need to be made because of changes in hairstyles and length, or as a child’s head grows.
  • Replace a helmet that has become too small.
  • Replace a helmet that has sustained damage. Remember, one crash and its trash!
  • Don’t store helmets in a hot car or garage.

For more on child safety issues, see the bicycle injuries library of articles by Daytona Beach personal injury lawyer.

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