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What Is Testicular Torsion?

What Is Testicular Torsion?

A: Testicular torsion can be dangerous because it involves the loss of blood supply to your testicle caused by twisting of the cord that delivers needed blood to your testicle.

Without sufficient blood supply, your testicle will die within 8-24 hours. If that occurs, the dead testicle will have to be removed to prevent gangreen infection.

Signs and symptoms of testicluar torsion include diffuse pain and tenderness that comes rather quickly to the effected testicle. Dizziness and nausia often accompany the testicular pain.

Patients complaining of testicular pain will usually be checked for urethritis or urinary tract infection. Then a doppler ultrasound scan can enable doctors to see if the testicle has adequate blood supply.

With prompt diagnosis and treatment the testicle can be saved in a high number of cases. However, the window of opportunity closes rapidly. At the most, you have 24 hours to treat testicular torsion.

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