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Have You Ever Been Involved In A Truck Accident? You Need An Experienced Attorney

Truck accident

An Overview of Truck Accidents Daytona

The results of a truck accident can be devastating. The average truck is over 25 times bigger than the average car. In 2006, truck accidents caused 4,995 fatal accidents and 160,000 injuries. Driver fatigue, unforeseen road accidents, speeding and alcohol use are some of the things that can cause truck accidents. In many cases, truck accidents are not the fault of the driver.

Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Head Injuries-Head injuries are likely to occur in a head-on collision. A minor head injury can cause a headache. However, serious head injuries can result in permanent brain damage or death. If you are involved in a truck accident, then a physician should check you out. You may not notice any symptoms if you have a head injury. In fact, many people do not notice the effects of a head injury until years later.

Back Injury- A back injury is another condition that is extremely common. If the spinal cord is injured, then a person can suffer permanent or temporary paralysis. A back injury can also result in chronic back pain, which can have a negative impact on quality of life.

Fractures- The legs, elbows, wrists and arms are the areas of the body that are often fractured. A cast will probably be used to stabilize the broken body part. In some cases, surgery may be recommended. Additionally, some people have to get physical therapy.

Neck Injury- Herniated discs and whiplash are examples of common neck injuries. The neck can also be broken, which can result in death.

Contact a Daytona Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, then you will need to contact Zimmet & Zimmet. Our practice is focused on helping people who have been injured are in need of compensation.

a motorcycleRiding a motorcycle can definitely be an enjoyable experience for many. However, a dream ride can quickly turn into a nightmare if an accident was to happen. Any Daytona personal injury attorney will tell you that motorcyclists and their passengers often suffer far more serious injuries in a traffic collision than occupants of a car. Being on a motorcycle exposes individuals to a lot more danger when compared to other vehicles, as motorcycles don’t have seat belts, a metal frame or any other protective elements of a car. Even a low-speed accident on a residential street can result in catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. However, one of the most common ones is a car or truck driver not fully paying attention to the road and failing to see a motorcycle until it’s too late. Some states have taken measures to address the problem by making some changes to traffic regulations, such as banning the use of mobile devices while driving a car in order to reduce the number of accidents caused by inattentive motorists. Motorcycle drivers and passengers can also take some measures to prevent accidents and reduce the chance of suffering serious injuries. Examples include making sure all motorcycle lights are working, wearing reflective bands to ensure visibility at night, paying very close attention around blind spots and wearing full protective clothing in addition to a helmet.

If you’ve been injured in an accident while on a motorcycle, a motorcycle accident attorney Port Orange can help. You may be entitled to various forms of compensation for damage to your motorcycle, medical bills and lost wages. A reputable law firm like Zimmet & Zimmet Law can give you a free consultation to evaluate your case and answer your questions, as well as help you receive any form of compensation that you’re entitled to. You should speak to a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as you’re able to, as you have a limited amount of time to claim compensation if you were injured due to the actions of a third party.


Daytona Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

Burning Candles:burning candles

Keep burning candles within sight and extinguish all candles before you go to bed, leave a room, or leave the house. Candles should be placed on stable, heat-resistant surfaces where children and pets cannot reach them or knock them over. Keep candles away from items that can catch fire and burn easily, such as trees and other evergreens, decorations, curtains and furniture.

Balance Problem:

Aging, infections, head injury, certain medicines, or problems with blood circulation may result in a balance problem. If you are having balance problems, see your doctor. Balance disorders can be signs of other health problems, such as an ear infection or a stroke. In some cases, treating the illness that is causing the disorder will help with the balance problem. Exercises, a change in diet, and some medicines also can help.

Diagnostic Testing:

A new body of research suggests some medical tests are being overused or misused. Patients should be certain to ask their doctors if all testing is necessary and what are the risks associated with the testing.

Diagnostic testing, for example, carries three main risks:

  • Risks directly related to the test itself, such as the radiation exposure caused by imaging tests.
  • The risk for a false positive, which can lead to a string of other unnecessary follow-up tests and procedures, each with their own sets of potential health hazards.
  • The risk that a condition will be identified that never would have been clinically significant but now will probably be treated.

cleaning suppliesChemicals and Cleaning:

Read product labels for proper use and wear protective clothing and gloves when using chemicals for cleaning. Store all chemicals at the appropriate temperature, which is usually indicated on the package, in a place that is out of reach of both children and pets.

Neck Pain:

Neck pain can stem from various conditions and factors, from a soft-tissue abnormality to a more serious issue. Most cases will resolve on their own, but some require immediate diagnosis and treatment.
Call a doctor if you experience these warning signs:

  •  If you have severe pain stemming from an injury caused by a car accident or fall.
  •  If your neck pain feels like it runs to your arms or legs.
  •  If your pain is continuous and persistent.
  •  If weakness or tingling, numbness or headache accompanies your pain.

Believe you have a personal injury case? Contact Zimmet & Zimmet , your Daytona Beach Personal Injury Attorneys for a free consultation.

Daytona Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Bicycle Safety:

Bicycle safety training should include:  proper handling of common roadway conditions as well as emergency skills and how to deal with motorist error. Effective training should also cover:  proper turning, cornering, descending and climbing principles along with roadway and speed positioning. Bad weather and night riding should also be highlighted along with vehicle laws and proper roadway etiquette.

Bicycle-friendly Communities:bicycle

Bicycle-friendly communities are places where people feel safe and comfortable riding their bikes for fun, fitness, and transportation, according to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety. With more people bicycling, communities experience reduced traffic demands, improved air quality and greater physical fitness.

Children and Bicycles:

Thinking about transporting your child on your bicycle? Unless you have a bicycle-towed trailer, you may want to think again. Follow these tips, which only reduces but does not eliminate the risk for injury.

  • Only adult cyclists should carry young passengers.
  • Preferably, children should ride in a bicycle-towed child trailer.
  • Ride with passengers in parks, on bike paths, or quiet streets rather than busy thoroughfares.
  • Infants younger than 12 months are too young to sit in a rear bike seat and should not be carried on a bicycle. Do not carry infants in backpacks or front packs on a bike.
  • Children ages 12 months to 4 years who sit well unsupported and whose necks are strong enough to support a lightweight helmet may be carried in a child-trailer or rear-mounted seat.
  •  A young passenger should always wear a lightweight infant bike helmet.
  •  The child must be strapped into the bike seat with a sturdy harness.

Seat Belts During Pregnancy:

Wearing a seat belt is particularly important during pregnancy, when you’re protecting for two. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions for moms-to-be while traveling in the car:

  • Wear your seat belt properly, with the lap belt beneath your belly and the shoulder strap positioned between the breasts and to the side of the belly.
  • Move your seat back as far as possible if you have airbags. Tilt the seat to give your belly more space.
  • If you aren’t driving, sit in the back seat.
  • Always see your doctor immediately after a car accident, even if you don’t feel like you are hurt.

Car Seats:

Every operator of a motor vehicle driven on Florida roads must provide for the protection of any child, 5 years of age or younger, by using a crash-tested, federally approved car seat. For children up to 3 years old, the restraint must be a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer’s integrated child seat. For children aged 4 through 5 years, a separate carrier, an integrated child seat, or a seat belt may be used. For passengers age 6 through 17 years, a seat belt.

Safe Driving:

Problems that frequently affect older people — such as changes in vision, arthritis or problems with memory — should lead some seniors to conclude that they can no longer drive safely.

The American Academy of Family Physicians says if you or loved ones have noticed a lapse in your driving skills, you should consider:

  • Restricting driving only to certain times, such as during daylight hours.
  • Working with an occupational or physical therapist.
  • Adding devices to your car that can help you drive more safely, such as wider mirrors.
  • Quitting driving altogether, and relying on friends, family or public transportation for rides.

Free Rides:

Throughout Florida, a number of programs offer free rides to individuals who have had too much to drink. Various taxi services; wrecker companies and other businesses may offer such services to keep impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel. AAA and Budweiser offer a service called Two to Go that provides private partygoers and licensed establishments a way to get people home safely. Adults in need of a ride can call 1-800-AAA-HELP. AAA will dispatch a two truck and will take both the driver and the vehicle home, free of charge. This service is available throughout Florida to both AAA members and non-members.

Injured in a bicycle or car accident? Contact Zimmet & Zimmet , your Daytona Beach Personal Injury Lawyers today!

Moorcycle accidentDaytona Beach Accident Lawyers

Zimmet & Zimmet are here to help all those who are injured in an auto accident. They share some tips to consider when on the road.

Motorcycle Endorsement:

Do you have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license? According to DeLand Accident Lawyer, If you wish to operate any two or three wheel motorcycle, whose engine is more than 50 cc, you are required by Florida law to have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license.

Sharing the Road:

When sharing the road with a motorcyclist:

  • Always allow a motorcyclist the full lane width, never try to share a lane;
  • Check for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving a lane of traffic and at intersections;
  • Don’t be fooled by a flashing turn signal on a motorcycle – motorcycle signals are often not self-canceling and riders sometimes forget to turn them off;
  • Road conditions which are minor annoyances to passenger vehicles pose major hazards to motorcyclists;
  • Do not tailgate. Allow more following distance when following a motorcycle, so the motorcyclist has enough time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.

Car Seats:

Every operator of a motor vehicle driven on Florida roads must provide for the protection of any child, 5 years of age or younger, by using a crash-tested, federally approved car seat. For children up to 3 years old, the restraint must be a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer’s integrated child seat. For children aged 4 through 5 years, a separate carrier, an integrated child seat, or a seat belt may be used. For passengers age 6 through 17 years, a seat belt.

Reaction Times:

Drivers texting while driving not only display slower reaction times and have difficulty staying in their lane, but also are less likely to see:

  • High and low relevant objects
  • Visual cues
  • Exits, red lights and stop signs

Florida’s Move Over Law:

Florida’s Move Over Law requires motorists to move over when a patrol car, emergency vehicle or tow truck/wrecker is stopped on the side of a road with lights flashing. If such movement cannot be safely accomplished, motorists shall slow down to a speed of 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

Motorists are required to:

  • Approach the emergency vehicle with caution;
  • Change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and able to move over safely; or
  • Slow down while maintaining a safe speed of 20 mph below posted speed limit being careful not to impede or block the flow of traffic unless otherwise directed by a law enforcement officer.

Injured in an accident? Contact Zimmet & Zimmet, your Daytona Beach Accident Lawyers today!

Daytona Beach Child Injury Lawyers

Zimmet & Zimmet share Tips they have learn throughout the years of service in the Daytona Beach, Florida area.

Children and Safety Seats:car seat , child injury

All children, of any age or size, must be properly restrained when riding in a motor vehicle. This means that:

  • Children 12 years and younger should ride in the back seat.
  •  Infants and toddlers should ride in rear-facing car safety seats as long as possible.
  • Toddlers and young children should ride in forward-facing car safety seats with harnesses as long as possible.
  • School age children should ride in booster seats until the adult seat belt fits properly.
  • You should never use a car safety seat if your child weighs more than the seat’s weight limit or is taller than the height limit. Check the labels on the seat or manufacturer’s instructions if you are unsure what the limits are.
  • For toddlers or young children whose behavior will not yet allow safe use of a booster seat but who are too large for a forward-facing seat with a harness, you can consider using a travel vest. Most travel vests have upper weight limits of 60 to 168 pounds.

Safety Belts:

According to Palm Coast Personal Injury Lawyer,  Florida law requires the use of safety belts for all drivers and passengers in all motorized vehicles, except:

  • Persons who have a doctor-certified medical condition for which the use of a safety belt may be inappropriate or dangerous
  • Employees of a newspaper home delivery service or a solid waste /recyclable collection service working designated routes
  • Persons traveling in the living quarters of a recreational vehicle or a space within a truck body primarily intended for merchandise or property
  • Persons traveling in vehicles that are not required to be equipped with safety belts under federal law

Rear Mounted Seats:

A rear-mounted seat must

  • Be securely attached over the rear wheel
  • Have spoke guards to prevent feet and hands from being caught in the wheels

Have a high back and a sturdy shoulder harness and lap belt that will support a sleeping child

Seat Belts During Pregnancy:

Wearing a seat belt is particularly important during pregnancy, when you’re protecting for two. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions for moms-to-be while traveling in the car:

  • Wear your seat belt properly, with the lap belt beneath your belly and the shoulder strap positioned between the breasts and to the side of the belly.
  • Move your seat back as far as possible if you have airbags. Tilt the seat to give your belly more space.
  • If you aren’t driving, sit in the back seat.
  • Always see your doctor immediately after a car accident, even if you don’t feel like you are hurt.

Was your child injured in an accident? Contact Zimmet & Zimmet, your Daytona Beach Child Injury Lawyers.

family shopping at mallLiability for injuries in a store

When there’s a slip-and-fall or a trip-and-fall in a large store like a supermarket or hardware store, employees of the business get as much information as possible to defend a possible claim. If you’re injured as a result of a fall in a commercial premises, you need to do whatever you can to preserve and protect your rights.

Security cameras

Many falls are actually captured on security cameras. You’ll want to retain the Daytona premises liability attorneys at Zimmet & Zimmet soon after your fall, so we might get a court order to preserve the footage of your fall. Security camera footage could be the best independent witness that you have to a fall. Always be aware of the fact that from the moment you enter a commercial premises, you’re probably on camera. A security camera can say a thousand words before, during and after a fall.

What happened? Are you hurt?

The store’s management might want to ask you what caused your fall and whether you’re injured. Don’t say that you feel alright, and you’re just clumsy. Be careful about what you might say. You were likely looking a merchandise at or near eye level and never saw what you slipped or tripped on until you were laying on it or next to it. Don’t hesitate to ask that paramedics be called to the store. They’ll examine and treat you, and make a report. They can transport you to the nearest emergency room where another report will be made of your condition, examination results and treatment.

Don’t give any further statements

Only tell management at the scene your name and address, what you fell on, and what parts of your body hurt. An insurance adjuster is likely to contact you shortly after your fall, purportedly to see how you’re doing. Everything that you say will be taken down, and the adjuster might even want a recorded statement from you. Don’t give that statement. Once you give a statement, you’re giving up rights that you’re probably not going to get back. The insurer will only try to use that statement against you in the future. There’s no law saying that you’re required to help the store with its case, so don’t help it by giving a statement.

Protect and invoke your rights. If you’re injured in a fall in a retail store in or around Daytona, call Zimmet & Zimmet right away for a free consultation and case evaluation.


Woman walking on streetLook Both Ways Before You Walk


When you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, one of the main things your attorney will have to prove to the insurance company is that you, as the victim, did not knowingly slip and fall. The insurance company will want to know that the person who fell had taken every precaution to stay safe, but due to the situation created by the premises owner, was injured anyways.

Wet floors are a classic example. It loves to rain in Florida and it is common to enter any building, especially during summer, and see the yellow caution notices that the floor may be wet. A person entering the building must take care to do so with caution because the floors may be wet. However, at the same time, the building owner is not completely relieved of responsibility. Just because they have placed warning signs up around the entrance way, they still must take care and mop standing water and try to keep the environment within their premises as safe as possible for all those who enter.

Protect Your Rights As A Slip And Fall Victim

Because it can be difficult to prove that a business owner was at fault for a slip and fall event, it is always in your best interest to speak with Daytona premises liability attorneys about the event and your injuries. As an injury victim, you have certain rights to seek compensation for your injuries and losses that are the result of a negligent property owner.

Zimmet & Zimmet understands the seriousness of a slip and fall injury. Injuries to the knees, wrists, elbows, and shoulders are very common. Tailbone, spinal, and head injuries are also very common when a person falls unexpectedly. You should not have to suffer quietly when you have been injured in a slip and fall event.

Zimmet & Zimmet will review your case during a free consultation and inform you of your rights and what forms of compensation you may be entitled to under Florida law.

Remember: Always look both ways before you walk, if you do not use caution, you could be held responsible for any injury you receive during a slip and fall.


couple being safe on boat

    You can be safe and have fun while out on the water.

Staying Safe while on the Water

Enjoying life while boating is something that offers a certain amount of serenity. However, there are certain things to remember, since ignoring such potential scenarios could lead to disaster and require a call to Daytona boating accident lawyers like Zimmet & Zimmet.

Before getting started, make sure to have:

A Floating Plan

Nobody plans for a crisis, so taking steps beforehand to address the issue will give everyone some peace of mind. Make sure you leave information on your trip with a family member or friend, including the type of boat and registration number; a list of all passengers on the boat; the general location of the boat’s destination; and, if possible, a list of all communication equipment on the boat. This helps for any rescue conducted by the Coast Guard.


What seems like a basic idea is important to reinforce because most drowning victims die because of the lack of a lifejacket. Boating operators who fail to make sure of this can find themselves facing charges or having to deal with costly litigation. So make sure before even starting the boat that everyone on board is wearing one.

Once you’re on the water:

Operate the Boat at a Safe Speed

While it can seem like a thrilling endeavor, you’re tempting danger the faster your boat is moving. That can potentially lead to tragedy, whether through serious injury or death to one of your passengers or other boaters. Those in other watercrafts also need to follow the same rule and can be liable if they fail to observe such rules. In such cases, having Daytona boating accident lawyers to handle a subsequent case can be invaluable.

Avoid Alcohol

Boating and alcohol never mix and should be avoided. Far too often, innocent people are killed or severely injured due to someone’s negligent behavior after drinking too much. The legal team at Zimmet & Zimmet has seen this far too many times, so contact them today if you or a family member has been victimized due to such negligence.



If you have been bitten by a dog, contact us today!

No matter how much you love dogs, there is always the possibility that one will become scared or aggressive and lash out. There are many behaviors you can demonstrate to prevent this, but it can also be helpful to know which breeds lead to the nearly five million occurrences that happen every year. Here are the most common breeds that bite, according to a 32-year study that took over five thousand incidents into account.

5. Akita: 70 occurrences that led to 8 deaths.
4. Siberian Husky: 83 occurrences that led to 26 deaths.
3. German Shepherd: 113 occurrences that led to 15 deaths.
2. Rottweiler: 535 occurrences that led to 85 deaths.
1. Pit Bull: 3,397 occurrences that led to 295 deaths.

Considering that nearly five million dog bites occur every year, this is not a complete study, and an entire breed should never be condemned for the actions of a few. However, it does give a good idea about what breeds should be treated with caution. When approaching a strange dog, keep a non-threatening posture, and always get permission before petting it. If you own one of these breeds, the most important way to keep a safe home is to provide a healthy, happy environment for your dog.

If you have been attacked by a strange dog, no matter the breed, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Zimmet & Zimmet for a free consultation today.


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